Miami Herald: The Market Makers

July 28, 2017

Miami Herald: The Market Makers

EWM Realty International

Q. What do you believe to be your (or your organization’s) biggest contribution/accolade as it relates to the South Florida real estate industry or physical landscape?
A. I believe my work away from my professional career has actually had the most impact on supporting it. Working through the Batchelor Foundation and in community involvement, and also holding leadership roles with multiple organizations such as the Adrienne Arsht Center, Frost Science Museum and Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has allowed me to contribute to the community’s cultural landscape, which in turn provides for a better Miami in a lot of ways. I’m particularly proud of the results achieved via the Fairchild Challenge, which engages and empowers children from diverse backgrounds to explore our environment through our schools.

Q. Who has had the most profound impact on you, personally and professionally?
A. My husband certainly inspires me every day. I am very lucky because
he does a lot to support and help me with everything I do – on the home front, in my career, socially and in the community. Also, George Batchelor has certainly left an indelible impression on the way I operate as a professional and as a citizen. George’s efforts were all about creating lasting changes in South Florida through his foundation. George was especially passionate about improving the lives of children, animals and the environment – he worked to support those without a voice.

Q. What is your single most important professional guiding principle?
A. Be a steward to your client, your community and your profession.

Q. What does South Florida do best as a real estate market?
A. South Florida is fantastic at accommodating a variety of lifestyles and living preferences – more so than most major cities. We’ve grown away from being a beach town! Options to
live in or experience coastal, urban, historic, modern and secluded spaces can be found in abundance.
There’s also something to be said about South Florida’s geographic position, which provides, in itself, “best of” opportunities. Two major cruise ports and two international airports provide great landing or launch pads for residents and visitors alike.

Q. Where do you believe South Florida exists in its evolution as a leading market for either residential or commercial investment? What’s the next step?

A. There’s certainly room for growth in this very cyclical residential
environment. During periods when the market settles is when things really begin to take shape, and I think now we’re in a stage where we’re inching into world-class status as infrastructure, education and hospitality sectors continue to gain ground on competitive cities. For either an investor or a fulltime resident, the developers have done a good job of listening, so we’re highly amenitized and prepared for any kind of buyer.

Q. Which Dade or Broward sub-market is most undervalued?
A. Morningside and Miami Shores still present great value propositions, given their advantageous proximities to Downtown, the Beaches, the airport and major expressways. They’re also not far from great medical facilities.

Q. What is the biggest opportunity for general economic growth in South Florida?
A. Perhaps one of the greatest areas for community growth exists in the medical sector, with UM, FIU, and Sylvester Cancer Center leading the educational charge. We have great facilities already, and medical tourism has sprouted as a result; as domestic and international visitors begin to view South Florida as an affordable, and often experiential, place to undergo procedures.

Q. How do you believe the Brightline will impact the residential and commercial markets?
A. The trickle-down effect of having more commuting or leisure travel options should translate to a more satisfied resident and visitor, so I would imagine that the residential market
would see some growth and movement as a result. More viable options to travel to work should have a positive effect on our workforce, especially for teachers and those in the service industries. Any increase in access to our South Florida hubs will naturally support retail, which ultimately creates an effect on real estate sales over time.

Q. Which are you more personally more passionate about, technological advancement or the arts as it relates to South Florida’s growth?
A. Tech and arts go hand in hand. If you look at the world’s greatest cities,
they exist together, and now more than ever, they actually feed each other and add nearly equal amounts of incremental value and exposure for the real estate market.

Q. What would be your best advice for those beginning their real estate careers in South Florida?
A. Know the inventory, manage your database well and do your best to
gain an authentic understanding of what South Florida offers as a community. Experience it first-hand. With this in mind, you’ll be in a better position to merge your client’s needs with the best living opportunities. Also, don’t forget that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen to your
clients and ask a lot of questions

Thank you to The Miami Herald for publishing this great spread; The Market Makers. I am honored to have been side-by-side with many other notable Realtors and had the opportunity to share my insights on Real Estate in South Florida with our wonderful community.

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