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The Village of Pinecrest is a small residential community located in Miami. The community is home to about 18,388 people, around eight square miles, and is one of the most beautiful residential areas in South Florida. The village is recognized nationally as a Tree City of the USA, which is a village that has met specific standards of planting more than 10,000 street trees. This correlates to the design of the green street signs that are prominent to only Pinecrest. In 2011 the South Business Journal published that the Village of Pinecrest is one of the top ten best places to live in the State of Florida because of its “quality of life.”

Many people consider this village one of the more expensive zip codes. Data has been collected and has shown that “The Median household income of a Pinecrest resident is $122,235 a year. The US average is $53,482 a year.” Families with young children move to the Village of Pinecrest because the location is very safe and kid-friendly. Most properties are one acre or more. This small city has around 6,547 homes and only a few apartment complexes. Most homes use city water, and the few that still have been using sewer are currently being converted to city water.

This residential area provides many services to all who live in the Pinecrest community. Services include a public library, a gym, a field/playground, parks, a community center, free transportation, and a farmers market open every Sunday. The public library is one of the most popular locations in Pinecrest. It is open every Monday through Saturday and welcomes Pinecrest residents and other residents from different communities. It offers a wide range of novels for children and adults of all ages and includes a large field, gym, cafe, and a wide range of exercise classes. A park/botanical garden, Pinecrest Gardens is located right next to the public library. This was first founded in 1936 and was previously called Parrot Jungle. Approximately 60 years later, this enormous piece of land was purchased by the city of Pinecrest and was renamed Pinecrest Gardens.

Another landmark that welcomes residents and citizens from other communities is called Evelyn Greer Park. This park hosts different events, and provides a playground for young children, a recreation center, a baseball field, softball field, soccer field, and multiple batting cages. One enticement that is very well known in the community is a small market called Wayside. This market was founded in 1948 and is famous for its strawberry milkshakes. This market also provides fresh fruit/vegetables, a large selection of shakes/smoothies, and other yummy goodies. A small building called Hiri’s Wayside Garden Florist neighbors Wayside, selling many different plant types. This is the best place to buy flowers for a special someone. The Village of Pinecrest has many different public and private schools. Some of the public schools include Palmetto Elementary, Palmetto middle/senior high school, Howard Drive Elementary and many others. Some of the private schools located around Pinecrest include Gulliver Preparatory, Pinecrest Presbyterian, Temple Beth Am, and a few others. This city is very family-friendly, which makes the police department a very important feature Pinecrest has to offer to its people.

One popular event that entices people from all over to come to Pinecrest, is the farmers market that takes place every Sunday. It is located in the library's parking lot, from 8:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. The vendors offer a wide variety of items and food for people to enjoy. It is an excellent place to meet new people, see neighbors and friends, and try various foods. There is no trouble getting from place to place for residents in Pinecrest, as they can use the free transportation system from 7:00 a.m-7:00 p.m, Monday through Friday, and every Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

All in all, this city is one of the most family-friendly places you will encounter in South Florida. The Village of Pinecrest is definitely a place you want to live. The large lots, wide variety of schools, various events, services, and activities will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.


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